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What does CYF do?

The Creasys Youth Foundation wants to help young people unleash their potential by supporting creative ideas through investments in projects developed according to a model of personal and professional growth that combines the qualities and moral skills of each person, supported by a dedicated development path, which contributes positively to the quality of life and interpersonal relationships.

Cookie Policy

1.1 Cookies have the function of making the User’s browsing experience easier and more intuitive; they are small text strings used to store some information that they may concern the User, his preferences or the device used to access the internet and are used in order to offer a personalized browsing experience, to simplify navigation by automating the procedures (eg Login, Site language), for analysis of the use of the Site.
1.2 There are various types of cookies and depending on their characteristics and functions they can remain in the computer, or mobile device, of the User for different periods of time.
1.3 According to current legislation, consent is not always required for the use of cookies of the User. In particular, the so-called “technical cookies”, ie those used, do not require consent for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over a communication network electronic or to the extent strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the User. Technical cookies that do not require the User’s consent include:
1.3.1 “analytics cookies”, where only used to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of Users and on how they visit the Site,
1.3.2 the “navigation or session cookies” which guarantee normal navigation and use of the Website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access restricted areas);
1.3.3 “functionality cookies”, which allow the User to navigate according to a set of selected criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.
1.4 The so-called “profiling cookies”, ie those, require the consent of the interested party aimed at creating User profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with preferences manifested by the same in the context of navigation.
1.5 In addition, site or web server cookies may also be used during navigation of third parties which are also divided into technical or profiling.


2.1 This Site may use the following types of cookies:
2.1.1 technical cookies – navigation or session – strictly necessary for operation of the Site and to allow the User to take advantage of the contents and services from these required;
2.1.2 analytics cookies, which allow you to understand how the Site is used by of Users. Identity information is not collected with these cookies of the User, nor any personal data. The information is treated in aggregate form and anonymous;
2.1.3 functionality cookies, used to activate specific functions of the Site (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve and, in any case, the service rendered is more intelligible;
2.1.4 profiling cookies, aimed at creating profiles relating to the User and used in order to send
advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of surfing the net.
2.2 Third-party cookies are also used by the Site in order to provide additional services and functionality to Users. These cookies are entirely managed by third parties and, therefore, the owner does not have access to the information collected, the same which must only refer to. In particular, this Site uses cookies (of a purely “technical” nature) from the following third parties set off:
2.2.1 Google Analytics: that is a web traffic analysis service provided by Google that it uses cookies to collect and analyze behavioral information anonymously of use of the Site (including the User’s IP address). This information is collected by Google Analytics, which processes them in order to draw up reports. The information is combined with information collected from other sites in order to create a comparative picture of the use of the Site compared to other sites of the same category. The data collected, in any case, they do not allow the personal identification of Users and are not crossed with others information relating to the same people (more information on Google cookies Analytics can be found at the page In each case, the User can selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by installing on your browser the opt-out component provided by Google (please refer to the link below:;
2.2.2 Facebook Pixel: that is a service that allows you to analyze, anonymously and aggregate, the behavior of Users with respect to the advertising campaigns performed by the Owner, in order to understand the greater or lesser incidence with respect to preferences manifested and the investment made. This cookie is not used for the purposes of profiling but only for statistical purposes. More information on Facebook cookies can be found on the web page


3.1 The User can select which cookies to authorize and / or disable through the settings of the browser used.
3.2 In the event that all or some of the cookies are disabled, it is possible that the Site is not available or that some services or certain functions of the Site are not available or do not work properly.
3.3 For more information on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through your browser, you can consult the relevant instructions:
3.3.1 Internet Explorer and Edge:
3.3.2 Firefox: redirectslug = Activate + and + deactivate + cookies & redirectlocale = it;
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4.1 The personal data of individual Users may be used by the Data Controller in court for the defense against abuse in the use of this Site or related services by the User.


5.1 This privacy policy may be subject to changes or updates due to evolution of the reference legislation.
5.2 Any updates will be subject to specific notification to Users also through specific message published on the website, with suitable visibility and, in any case, with specific notifications to Users.
5.3 This privacy policy was drawn up on 16/03/2021 and complies with current regulations on the matter.