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Our programs are geared towards the development of young people in this time of digital revolution, by integrating human and economic growth projects that enhance culture, social heritage and environment as necessary resources for change.

Our goals are:

1. Believe in the role of young people and in the cultural value of their communities to achieve positive results of change;
2. Identify and actively involve experienced people to support youth development initiatives and strengthen communication between generations;
3. Provide young people with the skills, confidence and experience they need to be responsible, productive and energetic partners;
4. “Ignite” the spark of innovation, fostering inclusion and collaboration to ensure that no one is left behind;
5. Create smart entrepreneurship and share smart skills to generate subsistent activities;
6. Activate collaborations with local associations and realities that work on the empowerment of young people through the cultural approach that characterizes us.

Identify simple, but concrete ways and methods, “to make a new human and economic culture germinate”.

Pilot project

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The Foundation has defined a pilot project with the aim of experimenting a development path for the benefit of at least four creative ideas that will be selected from among all the proposals received from young people, with reference to the areas identified for the contests (see “Workshop ideas “). 

The creative ideas selected will receive support both in economic terms and in terms of the skills of specialists and / or tutors, used in the design and implementation of the idea. Following the principles and methodology defined by the foundation, the objective of the pilot project is to verify in the field the results that can be achieved in terms of human and economic growth, enhancing both the project idea and the skills and resources availed by the partners involved in the CYF. 

The objectives achieved within the Pilot Project will be analyzed by CYF to validate the development model defined in order to extend the services offered by the CYF on a large scale, with the advantage of the digital world, creating a new positive growth effect, for those who personally experience and develop a work project that helps them to grow and to be independent and subsistent.

Laboratory of ideas

The Foundation organizes digital competitions based on the following themes, in which young people can propose their ideas:

1. Innovative solutions in the arts and crafts
2. Culture and heritage enhancement
3. Eco-sustainable projects for a circular economy
4. New technologies for everyday life

The CYF has defined some simple guidelines that help creative youth to formulate their proposals in a clear and complete way, with simple and concrete objectives, defined times, methods of implementation, search for the necessary resources and a clear forecast of social and economic growth that the proposed project has for the direct proponents and for other young people to be involved later. Furthermore, the Foundation provides experts and coaches who, without replacing themselves in any way and in any moment or phase of the proposed project, will be able to advise and provide useful indications to the young protagonists, in order to better reach the expected objectives.

It will be the young people themselves, after having experienced this path, who will become at the same time coaches and travel companions of other young people from all over the world, becoming themselves bearers of a personal and therefore social and economic growth, which multiplies and spreads, bringing a positive change to the whole society. With this cultural approach and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital world, each local project becomes since the very beginning international, respectful and attentive to the reality of every young person who intends to challenge himself, with his own strength and in communion and relationship with other young people, close ones or far ones.


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We are working to create a platform that brings together young people from various parts of the world and commits them to become active citizens to increase their employment and succeed in entrepreneurial ventures. With innovative approaches and creative competitions CYF intends to make a contribution to unlock the full potential of young people, learning to express themselves and sharing skills that allow them to navigate our changing world and build their future following their vocation.

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