professionisti in ufficio

Creasys Youth Foundation was born following the visionary idea of the founders, having a solid professional and personal background united to the desire to enhance the innate creativity of young people, support their entry into the world of work by combining passion, innovation and professionalism.

In particular, Giovanni Picca and Francesco Mastrorosati have always worked with young people in their company; they know that often the energies and creativity of young people are not sufficient to face the complex challenges that characterize the process of human and work growth. Francesca Masanotti and Marzia Mantovani have developed many years of experience in the solidarity and non-profit sector, with particular attention to human growth in socially and culturally complex contexts, in Italy and in some countries of the South of the World. 

“We would like CYF to encourage young people to share ideas to develop new technologies and start-ups, with projects that can help create entrepreneurial realities that bring new value to current markets”.

Board of Directors

Francesca Masanotti

Expert in cultural and environmental heritage education. 

Biologist with a degree in ecology. For 20 years she worked at the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, specializing in the enhancement and conservation of book assets. Being a supporter of life development of young people and their families, she has participated as a volunteer in various projects, especially in Italy and India. Now she is passionately dedicated to CYF. 

CYF President

Marzia Mantovani

Development project management expert. 

IT professional for 15 years, then she decides to dedicate herself to an important and solid Italian non-profit organization, involving in the management of development projects in Italy and in the South of the World. 
Her commitment was focused especially in the areas of addressing and training young people. 

Vice President CYF

Giovanni Picca

Expert in project governance. 

Specialized in ICT systems, with over 30 years of experience. He worked for world leading companies and then founded, in 2001, a consultancy firm currently successfully present in Italy and abroad. Raised and trained in Catholic associations, he has always been involved with enthusiasm and tenacity in social projects at the service of the persons. 

CYF Councilor

Francesco Mastrorosati

Expert in applied innovative technologies. 

He began his profession 30 years ago in the public ICT sector. Subsequently, he founded his own consulting firm that for twenty years has been offering innovative and qualified services to both public and private very important clients. He has always accompanied his working activity with a serious commitment to volunteering, involving himself several times in Africa. 

CYF Councilor


Promote creativity and youth development in every part of the world, enhancing the moral qualities and abilities of each person, proposing a new model
of growth in a context of digital era that may positively influence the lives of young people and their relationships.

Pursuing a unique and creative approach, which revolutionizes the way of seeing of many young people, arousing in them the desire not to lose their value, intrinsic in human nature, which deserves to be affirmed and valued through real interpersonal relationships.

Every human being has unique abilities that deserve to be discovered and developed, to be transformed into something meaningful that can contribute to society. We value the uniqueness of each person with innovative sharing instruments.

CREASYS YOUTH FOUNDATION ETS –“Ispirare, Innovare, Sostenere” – C. F. 93521680723 – Via Dante Alighieri, 60 – 70121 Bari