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Creasys Youth Foundation promotes the implementation of innovative business projects conceived by young talents from all over the world

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Partnership between creative youth and entrepreneurs

Team of experts become coaches of the young protagonists to reach the goal in full !

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Creasys Youth Foundation intends to promote the development of young people in every part of the world, enhancing the moral qualities and abilities of each person, through a new model of growth in a context of digital era. 

For this reason, CYF wants to support innovative projects that arise from the creativity of young people; projects that can have positive and direct effects on their lives and which, if shared with other young people, increase their human and professional value thus providing a valuable contribution to society, improving economic growth, fostering leadership development and encouraging research and development. 

The Foundation springs from the desire of the founders to transform the principles underlying their personal and working experiences into principles of human development for the young people of today and for generations to come.
CYF collaborates with:

1. Young people eager to grow and express their value, starting from what their strongest one such as creativity and vitality, taking advantage of the participation and support of other people who can help them;
2. Entrepreneurs and people young in spirit, with whom life has been very generous and who therefore have the joy of contributing to the dream of other people who are looking for the same opportunities they have had.

In order to grow in its mission, the Foundation is committed to maintaining a care for planning, management, social responsibility for a healthy use of financial and human resources, in order to build a long-term trustworthy relationship with partners and donors.

Why do we address to young people? 
Despite having the energy, creativity and passion to solve complex problems, youth face challenges that require solidarity and support to find the right solutions. We believe that this support is not a task to be solely entrusted to school institutions or the world of work but it can be obtained by involving experienced and valid people in the various sectors of society to support the positive growth of young people.

Every youth wants to contribute to the society in a meaningful way!

Our 3 pillars:


…young people to believe in the value of their skills to reawake creativity and ideas.


…promoting the sharing of skills to contribute to global development in the digital era.


…the realization of projects based on personal and professional relationships that multiply their value.

Do you have an innovative project in mind?

Send us your idea and together we can realize it!

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CREASYS YOUTH FOUNDATION ETS –“Ispirare, Innovare, Sostenere” – C. F. 93521680723 – Via Dante Alighieri, 60 – 70121 Bari