We believe that, when a youth knows how to use his abilities, he can become subsistent, satisfied with his personal and professional experience, willing to share it with others, making an investment in his future and that of other young people like him. 

We would like to encourage young people to develop new ideas, also using new technologies, which can create entrepreneurial realities that bring new value to ever-changing markets. 

CYF seeks the collaboration of companies, donors, partners and volunteers, with whom sharing and achieving these challenging objectives, through which activating a network of relationships and skills to experiment a mode of cultural, social, economic development, which enhances all team players. 

Furthermore, to support the implementation of the innovative projects that we will gradually propose, we will use the fundraising activity to mobilize the necessary resources. 

The Foundation guarantees the effective and transparent use of the donations received in favor of the selected projects.

CREASYS YOUTH FOUNDATION ETS –“Ispirare, Innovare, Sostenere” – C. F. 93521680723 – Via Dante Alighieri, 60 – 70121 Bari