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What does CYF do?

The Creasys Youth Foundation wants to help young people unleash their potential by supporting creative ideas through investments in projects developed according to a model of personal and professional growth that combines the qualities and moral skills of each person, supported by a dedicated development path, which contributes positively to the quality of life and interpersonal relationships.

General Conditions

1.1 These general conditions establish the methods by which it is permitted to use the Website (hereinafter the “Site”) by anyone accessing it (intended as a User: (hereinafter “User” or “Users”).
1.2 “Use” of the Site means access and navigation within it by Users who therefore must comply with these Terms&Conditions.
1.3 The Owner of the Site (hereinafter the “Owner”) is Creasys Youth Foundation, based in Rome (RM),
Piazza Albania, n. 10, pec address:; email address
1.4 Due to the particular characteristics of the Site, the following, further, provisions are added:
1.4.1 Privacy and Cookie Policy: contractual document that establishes the conditions, methods and the purposes through which the Data Controller processes the Users’ personal data collected during navigation, as well as the rules governing the installation of “cookies” on the device used by the Users of the Website.


2.1 The Site is available free of charge.
2.2 The Owner reserves the right to suspend, delete, interrupt or modify, in whole or in part, the Webite without notice and will not be liable to Users if for any reason the Site is no longer available, in whole or in part.
2.3 Access to certain Site services is reserved for users of age.


3.1 Users must use the Site in strict compliance with these Terms&Conditions.
3.2 It is the User’s responsibility to read these conditions and check the changes eventually made according to the following provisions.
3.3 The User may not use the Website and related services for illegal purposes, contrary to the present conditions and, in any case, in ways that could damage its functionality, making it unusable. Consequently, the User will be responsible for such conduct and must compensate for the damage possibly immediately by the Owner.
3.4 If the User uses the forms on the Website, he has the obligation and responsibility to provide truthful, correct, verifiable and updated personal data.
3.5 Any behavior that may result, even for mere attempts, in non-authorized access to the Website and restricted areas is prohibited.


4.1 The User uses the Site “as is”, that is, as it is offered and as it is available at the moment the User connects and views its content.
4.2 The Owner is not responsible, neither towards the User, nor towards subjects directly or indirectly connected to the latter, for damages, claims and / or losses deriving from disservices and / or suspensions of the website that depend on the User himself, on third parties and, in any case, on force majeure and / or unforeseeable circumstances.
4.3 The Data Controller is also not responsible for the information and indications contained in the pages of the Site. In particular, some pages may contain information regarding programs and future intentions, which are described from time to time through the use of terms such as “To expect”, “to estimate”, “to foresee”, “to envisage” and “to plan”. Such statements for their nature do not involve any commitment on the part of the Owner who, therefore, does not assume, in this regard, any obligation and, therefore, any responsibility.
4.4 The Owner is also not responsible for omissions and / or errors that may be contained in the information present on the Site through hypertext links (links).


5.1 The Site and its contents are the property of the Owner and / or its successors or assignors and / or third parties where indicated and are protected by current legislation on the protection of property intellectual and industrial rights. In particular, Creasys Youth Foundation logos and any other brand or service name contained in the Site are registered trademarks of Creasys Youth Foundation and of its suppliers or licensees, and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Creasys Youth Foundation or its trademark holder.
5.2 Unless otherwise provided, all the items available on the Site (such as news, photos, videos, sounds, trademarks, logos, domain names, application software, graphic layouts, technical documentation and manuals, etc.) can be used by the User for information and / or personal purposes only; any other different use must take place subject to the authorization of the Owner.
5.3 It is forbidden to reproduce the graphics and structure of the Site in whole or in part, in such a way to generate confusion, even in the form of the association, with respect to the Site. The key elements of the Site, therefore, cannot be copied and / or imitated. Consequently, the User,
(i) may not use any meta tags or any other hidden text on the web page using the “CYF” name / logo or any other name, registered trademark or service name of Creasys Youth Foundation without the prior written consent of the latter; (ii) may not copy, imitate and use,in whole or in part the image of the Site, customized graphics, button icons and scripts represent the trademark of Creasys Youth Foundation without the prior consent written about the latter.
5.4 No rights are granted to the User on the elements or contents protected by title of intellectual or industrial property that make up the Site or allow its operation, included therein any computer programs and related updates, and related source codes. Therefore, the User is prohibited from carrying out the activities referred to in art. 64-bis Law 633/41, such as, by way of example but not limited to: extraction, decompilation, reproduction, the translation, adaptation, distribution to the public, in any implemented form, of the aforementioned elements or content.
5.5 All rights not expressly granted are reserved.


6.1 If the User believes that some of the materials on the Site violate their rights, he must send to the Data Controller (in order to carry out the appropriate checks and take any measures) a note containing the following information:
6.1.1 identification of the infringed right or, in the case of several violations, the list of all violations found accompanied by the declaration that its use has not been authorized;
6.1.2 identification of the material contained on the Site that violates the aforementioned right (s) and referred to
removal or disabling is requested;
6.1.3 indication of their identification data (including address, telephone number and, if available, e-mail address, also certified email);
6.1.4 declaration form, pursuant to art. 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 445/2000, which states that the use of the material in question has not been authorized.
6.2 The note referred to in the preceding article must be sent, duly signed (also with digital signature in case of Transmission by computer technology), at the pec address:, at the address: or alternatively by registered letter with return receipt to the following address: CREASYS YOUTH FOUNDATION Piazza Albania, n. 10 00153 – Rome (RM)
6.3 The User has the right to create a hyperlink text to the Website for non-commercial purposes, without prejudice, provided that link does not represent Creasys Youth Foundation or any other of its products and services in false, misleading or defamatory tones and provided that the site of origin does not contain any pornographic or generally illegal, offensive or harassing material and, in any case, it does not violate the intellectual property rights referred to in art. 5 above.
6.4 The Owner may at any time limit the right granted to the User pursuant to article 6.3 that precedes.
6.5 Users can create their own personal account in the specifically dedicated section of the site and can upload videos, graphics, radio ads, banner ads, scripts, concepts, photographs, artwork and other material or content in order to participate in the various initiatives proposed by Creasys Youth Foundation through the website and which will be dealt with in the compliance with the Privacy Policy.
6.6 In creating and managing their account, users are required to
• protect their password and identification data;
• maintain and promptly update their data and any other information provided in order to use the services of the site.


7.1 The Website allows the participation, posting and transmission of content (audio, video, images etc.) by the User who is solely responsible and, therefore, undertakes to hold unharmed Creasys Youth Foundation, its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors independent contractors, service providers and consultants and their respective directors, employees and agents, from and against any request for compensation, damage, cost, obligation and expense that should arise descend in any way whatsoever.
7.2 It is forbidden to post and transmit content:
• in any way defined as illegal, defamatory, offensive, obscene, pornographic, indecent, vulgar, sexually explicit, harassing, threatening or fraudulent;
• that constitute, encourage or instigate a criminal offense, violate the rights of other subjects or laws national or international;
• intended to represent (in any form, including incitement) hatred or gender discrimination, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality;
• copied by another user of the Site;
• intended to damage the commercial goodwill linked to the brand or name Creasys Youth Foundation, or any company connected and / or affiliated to it for any reason;
• damaging to industrial and / or intellectual property rights;
• containing viruses, altered data or other files that are harmful or destructive to the Site;
• limiting the rights of other Users.
7.3 Creasys Youth Foundation is not responsible for any representations or content provided by Users in violation of the foregoing provisions and reserves the right, in its own right unquestionable discretion
(i) to check, remove, refuse, disable access, monitor o modify any content posted on the Site at any time and for any reason, without notice;
(ii) to adopt all measures to protect the site and the related policy.
7.4 Except in cases where the content uploaded to the Site is not prohibited pursuant to the provisions that precede, Creasys Youth Foundation, from the moment of its upload on the Site, acquires on the same a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide license, including the right
(i) to perform editorial reviews, use and publish it in any way and form, including electronic,
(ii) to use it for internal commercial, marketing and / or advertising purposes;
(iii) to grant it in license to third parties for any reason.


8.1 All Users’ personal data are processed by the Data Controller in compliance with current legislation in privacy as better specified in the privacy and cookie policy below and, however, independently accessible via the link at the bottom of the home page.


9.1 These general conditions are governed by Italian law.
9.2 In the event of disputes connected and / or connected to the use of the Website, the competence is reserved exclusively to the Court of Roma, without prejudice to the consumer’s court in the case provided for by law.


10.2 The Owner reserves the right (at its discretion and, in any case, in full compliance with the current legislation and Users’ rights) to make changes to these Terms&Conditions at any time; the changes will take effect from the date of their publication on the Website: Users are therefore invited to look at these conditions at each access.
10.2 Should one of the clauses of these conditions be declared by the competent authority, null or ineffective, the conditions will continue to have full effect for the party not affected by this clause.
10.3 These conditions are originally written in Italian and translated in English version.