A new year for CYF – Bari, via Dante

The Creasys Youth Foundation employs innovative strategies to reach young people, in collaboration with entrepreneurs driven by a desire to promote positive personal and professional growth. These strategies enable the transformation of creative ideas into tangible entrepreneurial realities within a virtuous chain of value.

For this reason, the Creasys Youth Foundation’s Bari office is conveniently located on Via Dante Alighieri, easily accessible from Bari Central Station and the heart of the city. The Foundation has established strong partnerships with esteemed academic institutions like the University of Bari Aldo-Moro, participating in workshops and events, including networking on Circular Bioeconomy at BaLab. It is also building a network with entrepreneurs and local authorities to support initiatives for young leaders, such as “Project ZENIT-Coordinate for the Future,” funded by the Puglia Region (Urban Laboratory Officine UFO in Casamassima).

CYF joyfully accepted an invitation from the Ala di Riserva Association and the Municipality of Mola di Bari to participate in the evening event of the White Night of Youth 2023. As a growing non-profit organization, CYF brings an intriguing proposal to share.

The Bari office of CYF serves as a vital link between the Apulian territory and the headquarters in Rome. Its goal is to inspire and empower young individuals, creating an environment where they can gain experience and actively participate, not only in their own lives but also in a reality focused on forging connections and relationships within and beyond borders. CYF stands by the youth, supporting them through opportunities that make a significant difference!