The Creasys Youth Foundation is ETS

Happy New Year! We inaugurate the new year with the novelty that sees the Creasys Youth Foundation become a Third Sector Entity following its registration in the Single Register (RUNTS).

Always engaged in the forefront of support for young talents who entrust to the Foundation their ideas of new entrepreneurship projects, with the successful registration in the Single National Register of the Third Sector, the greater the tax benefits for you donors, partner and supporter companies (to find out more see the link: https:/// entity-deduction-o-deduction.html ), to help promote youth development in all parts of the world, enhancing the moral qualities and capabilities of each person, through a new growth model: we support a “Creative Generation” ( )!

Thank you for believing, together with us of CYF and the young people involved in projects and activities, that, participating with tenacity, nothing is impossible. Through a simple donation we can encourage the development of projects for young people, multiplying the possibility that their dream comes true and that they themselves become future entrepreneurs with attention to sustainability and solidarity.

Now.. Support us too!

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